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Homesources offers a great opportunity to promote your company and website through highly effective and low-cost advertising targeted at consumers and professionals in the home improvement, decorating and furnishing market.

Homesources was established in 2001 and is the leading UK home improvement internet directory and an award-winning website. It has been described by the Daily Telegraph as "the most brilliant home decoration links site ever" and by the Financial Times as a "magnificent one-stop house renovation site". It was also featured as Website of the Month in SelfBuild & Design magazine.


FREE of charge. Text-only listing in the most appropriate section of the directory. You may suggest text content, but position on the page and text content remains under our editorial control. If you are interested in a Standard Listing, please go to our Suggest a Site page.


Your text description (up to 25 words).
Link to your website.
1 image next to your text.
Positioned above all standard listings.
Rate: £55 for 12 months.


Your text description (up to 25 words).
Link to your website.
3 images next to your text.
Positioned above all standard AND superior listings.
Rate: £115 for 12 months.

* The above listings appear on individual section pages in the Homesources directory <Example>.

* We also have some Sector Sponsorships available that appear on sector main pages (the pages linked to from the navigation menu at the top of every page on the Homesources website). These consist of 1 image and link to your website. <Example>. These are available on request exclusively to Superior Premium Listing customers at a negotiable rate.

* Please use the Advertising Enquiry Form on this page to receive further details and terms and conditions.

Please give serious thought to the benefits of advertising on Homesources - its many thousands of daily visitors interested in home improvement and furnishing and a range of advertising options to suit your budget - and contact us while these opportunities are still in your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

Homesources, Blue Emerald, Sutton Business Centre,
Restmor Way, Hackbridge Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7AH

Tel/Fax: 0208 747 5055

Examples of feedback from visitors:
"Fantastic site. It has been instrumental in the new look of our house. Thanks so much."
Daniel Zammit.

"I must say I am really impressed by the quality of your site. The content is incredibly well put together and more importantly it's relevant - something that appears to have been overlooked by many shopping directories."
Annamarie Barnett.

"I don't like using shopping portals at all but I have to say that your site made a refreshing change. It's straightforward, not at all fussy or muddled, visually pleasant. I would use the site again and visit/revisit the linked sites."
Nicola Waugh

"This is an excllent site! After using your directory there was not need to look any further... I will definitely bookmark this site and pass it on to my friends!"
Sharon Martin.

Advertising Enquiry Form

Our advertising service is restricted to UK based companies.

Your Name:

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Send me more details and rate card:

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Thank you!


Examples of testimonials from advertisers:

"The response has been very good, both in number and quality of replies. Needless to say I shall be rebooking the advertising and am sure that the Homesources website will go from strength to strength, as it so richly deserves."
Ian Mitchell, Heat Profile.

"We get an amazing number of referrals from Homesources - miles higher than any other shopping directory. Sign me up for another year!"
Simon Hiscox,

"My bespoke furniture company now gets 80% of its business from the internet. I'm delighted to say that over half of this comes from The customers they send me are from all parts of the UK and are all excellent."
Mat Garner, Emmess.

"You were the first site that we took space with back in 2005 and our product range and website has steadily grown since then. I intend Stick and Go to be the leader in Self Adhesive Tiles and so your help along the way is greatly appreciated."
David Garrett, Stick and Go.

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