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The kitchen is more than a place for preparing food, it's the heart of the home.

Design to nourish life in all its senses.

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Wickes Kitchens
fitted kitchens & worktops.

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kitchen units & appliances.

Country kitchen wine cabinet
Homes 365
French farmhouse kitchen furniture.

Fitted kitchens
the complete service from design to installation.
Freestanding kitchens
bring together cupboards, cabinets, dressers, for your own individual look.
Kitchen appliances
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Range cookers
dual fuel, gas and electric range cookers.
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leading kitchen and home appliance brands.
wall and floor tiles for kitchens.
made from granite, slate, marble, stainless steel, wood, laminate and coloured glass.
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ceramic, acrylic, stainless steel sinks; taps and mixer taps.
choose your cookware to complement your kitchen. For cutlery, china and glassware, go to Dining Room.
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fitted kitchens & worktops.

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household & kitchen appliances.

Comet range cookers
Comet Range Cookers
dual fuel, gas and electric range cookers.

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Tips and advice.

When designing a new kitchen first define your needs, will the kitchen be just a culinary work area or will it also be a family or socialising room?

Think how you will move between the key elements of the kitchen, the so-called golden triangle of the fridge/freezer, the oven/hob and the sink/dishwasher. Make sure they are arranged in an ergonomically efficient way.

Provide clear access to the fridge so people can take items from it without disturbing the person cooking.

List up your storage requirements for dry foods, pots, crockery, glasses etc and plan which cupboards they will go in.

To give a fresh look to an old kitchen for less outlay than buying a new one, change the worktop and either paint or replace the doors.

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