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Suggest a Site

We try to include as many useful sites as we can in all areas of home furnishing, decoration and improvement, and are continually extending and updating the directory.

Perhaps you can help us? If you find a site that is not yet listed in Homesources and may be of interest to other visitors, please e-mail us at letting us know your personal experience of the supplier and why you are recommending them.

Please note: the Homesources directory is restricted to UK based companies.

If you are a supplier, you can suggest your own site by e-mailing us at the above address stating:

1. The section or sections where you think you should be listed
2. Suggested company description for each section - up to 20 words
3. Your full contact details - which must also appear on your website.

Please note that while all standard text-only listings remain free, they are subject to editorial control in order to preserve the integrity, relevance and usefulness of the directory. We have a very strict quality control procedure and submitting your site by no means guarantees your inclusion in the directory. We would like to stress that your website should contain your full contact details including your 'bricks and mortar' address and telephone number; PO boxes or e-mail addresses are not sufficient. The criteria for the listing of e-commerce websites is particularly stringent and compliance with the UK distance selling legislation concerning e-commerce sites is required - please verify that your site complies before submitting.

Please allow at least one month for your listing to appear due to the number of requests we receive.

You may also wish to go to our advertising section to view examples of the various advertising options that are designed to make listings stand out in the directory. You can use the enquiry form in this section to submit your request which will be given express consideration.

Thank you.














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