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Decorating gives you the chance to freshen up tired rooms or go further and transform them by introducing new moods and accents.

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Tips and advice.

Use sample paint pots to paint a square metre on the wall (include the darkest wall, usually the one with the main window), see it at different times of day and in different weather conditions and at night under the room lights; remember paint always goes slightly darker when dry.

Do the same with wallpaper, get a large sample and tape or stick it to the wall. If the paper has a design, look at its scale against the height of the wall and the dimensions of the room.

Many wallpaper manufacturers provide matching fabrics allowing you to team your wallpaper with your curtains and upholstery.

Warm colours such as red and yellow bring the walls closer (which may not be a bad thing if you want the room to look more cosy) and cool colours like blue and green increase the sense of space...

For advice on paints and painting, visit the Paint Quality Institute.

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